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Veil Nebula Complex in Narrow Band (Colorized per HST)
Image information:  Telescope: Takahashi TOA 130N, camera:  Starlight Xpress H-35.  Image was shot through narrowband filters (hA, SII, OIII).  Each exposure was 20 minutes long, there is a total 120 minutes shot through each filter.  Camera chip temperature was controlled at -20°C.  Autoguiding was done with a Starlight Xpress Superstar autoguider attached to a Takahashi FS78 scope mounted side by side with the larger scope, camera combo.  Camera, autoguider and focus control was done using Maxim DL.  Basic image calibration along with aligning and stacking was done using Maxim and final image development and colorzing was done using Photoshop.  Image colorizing was per the Hubble Palette(hA=green, SII=red, 0III=blue).