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NGC7000 and IC 5070 (North American and Pelican Nebulas in Cygnus)
This image is a 6 frame mosaic of the two nebulas and surrounding area.  It took a total of 6 nights to collect the data and then a couple of weeks to process and assemble the mosaic. This is a broad band image so the colors are natural.   I used a Takahashi TOA130 telescope along with a Starlight Xpress XSVR H35 camera to capture the image.  I also utilized a second telescope (FS 78 Takahashi) and Starlight Xpress Superstar autoguider to keep everything properly aligned.  Camera control was done through Maxim DL and the telescope was controlled via Sky X Pro.  Preliminary processing was also done using Maxim, all of the final colorizing, aligning, stacking and final processing was done in Photoshop.