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M8 and M20 Mosaic
Image Acquisition: West of Fredericksburg, Texas in mid-January and mid February 2013.

​Main Scope: Takahashi TOA130 F7.7, 1000MM focal length, 4" field flattener used to provide optical correction to the edge of the camera chip. 

Guide Scope: Takahashi FS-78, approx 450 mm focal length at F4.5 with focal reducer. Mounted side by side with the TOA130.

Mosaic Description:  2 frame Mosaic One frame encompassed the area around the lagoon nebula while the second frame encompassed the area around the Trifid Nebula.  Each frame had enough overlap to allow for a seamless merging of the two images. 

Image Details:  Image was shot through narrow band filters: Baader 7nm Hydrogen alpha filter, Baader 8nm SII filter, and Baader 8.5nm OIII filter

Exposure times:  H alpha 10 exp X 20 min=200 min for each frame
                            SII          8 exp X 20 min=160 min for each frame
                            OIII         8 exp X 20 min=160 min for each frame

Guider: Starlite Xpress Superstar

Camera: Starlite Xpress X35 

Camera Control Software: Maxim DL

Image Processing: Maxim DL and Photoshop CS-6. each filter was colorized per the Hubble Palette (H alpha=green, SII=red, OIII=blue)