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Leo Trio of Galaxies
Image Information:  This image was shot using a Starlight Xpress H35 monochrome CCD camera, attached to a Takahashi TOA130 telescope at a focal ratio of F7.7 and a focal length of 1000 mm. Guiding was done using a Starlight Xpress Superstar autoguider attached to a Takahashi FS78 telescope. The two scopes are mounted side by side on a Takahashi NJP mount. Broad band data (LRGB) was combined with hAlpha data during image processing. There is approximately 10 hours of LRGB data and 2 hours of h Alpha data in the image. The LRGB was shot in 10 minute intervals and the h Alpha data was shot in 20 minute intervals. Flats, flat darks and dark images were used to calibrate the individual image frames. Camera control, image calibration and stacking was done using Maxim DL and all final processing was done using Photoshop CS-6.