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Fireworks Galaxy and Open Cluster
Image Information

Image was acquired from Bob Barrow's roll-off roof observatory located west of Fredericksburg, Texas on the nights of June 24th and 25th 2011.  

Telescope: Takahashi TOA130 with focal reducer in, F-ratio 5.8 total focal length 750 MM, mount, Takahashi NJP.   Telescope control through Sky X 

Camera: SBIG ST10XME with CFW-10 equipped with Astrodon 3nm narrow band S2, 03 and H alpha filters in addition to the standard RGB and luminance filters. Camera control was through Maxim DL

This is an LRGB composite image with approximately 4 hours of total exposure time. Bias, flats and dark exposures were all used to calibrate the image. Image stacking and preliminary calibration was done through Maxim DL, final processing was through Adobe Photoshop CS4